DavidBarmherzigHi, I’m David Barmherzig. I’m a Research Fellow at the Flatiron Institute‘s Center for Computational Mathematics, and a recent Ph.D. graduate of Stanford University. My research is broadly focused on mathematical signal processing, optimization, and computational imaging.

I’m privileged to have had Professor Emmanuel J. Cand├Ęs as my thesis advisor, and Professor Walter Murray and Professor Gordon Wetzstein on my thesis committee. I’m also fortunate to work closely with Professor Ju Sun.

Prior to coming to Stanford, I completed a Bachelor of Applied Science in Engineering Science (with Honors) and an M.Sc. in Mathematics at the University of Toronto.   My Bachelor’s thesis was mentored by Professor George Elliott, and my Master’s thesis was written as a Visiting Fellow at Harvard University.

I’m also accredited by Professional Engineers Ontario, and have served as a technical consultant to MedX Protocol.



Curriculum Vitae